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【Danshaku Passport】 Summary of Partner Shops and Business Information (TOP)

Introducing the business status of the stores listed in the Danshaku Club accommodation privilege “Danshaku Passport”.


■What is a Danshaku Passport?

Restaurants, tourist facilities, gas stations, etc. in Hakodate and Southern Hokkaido

This card allows you to receive benefits at about 50 stores .

One coupon will be given to each group of guests staying at the hotel.


~Make your Hakodate trip more enjoyable~

○ I want to enjoy Hakodate’s gourmet to my heart’s content!
→ We offer a wide range of restaurants, including not only seafood, but also Western cuisine, cafes, and ramen shops.

○I want to choose the right restaurant for my trip to Hakodate!
→ Only shops with a really good reputation are posted. Carefully selected by the hotel staff.

○I want to save money on my trip!
→ We have special benefits available at all the stores listed.


*When using
・The Danshaku passport will be handed to you when you visit our hotel.
・You must present your Danshaku Passport at each store to receive benefits.
・The Danshaku passport is valid from the check-in date to the check-out date.


■ Affiliated store information (click to display↓)

【Izakaya, Japanese food, seafood】

【Sushi, ramen, soup curry】

【Yakiniku, Genghis Khan, Sukiyaki】

【Western food and international cuisine】

【Beer hall, bar, cafe, Western sweets】

【Other than restaurants】


*Information is updated regularly.Please contact the front desk for details.

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