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[Danshaku Passport] Affiliated stores and business information summary “Yakiniku, Genghis Khan, Sukiyaki”

We will introduce the business status of the stores affiliated with the Danshaku Club.
This page shows the business status of the following stores.

[Yakiniku, Genghis Khan, Sukiyaki]


◆ Korakuen (Yakiniku)
【Business Hours】17:00-21:00(LO)
【Parking lot】Available
【Privileges】1 free drink
【Home page】


◆ Hakodate Genghisukan Honten (Genghis Khan)
【Business Hours】16:00-22:00(LO)
【Closed】unfixed holidays
【Parking lot】Available
【Privileges】1 free drink
【Home page】


◆ Meimeitei (Genghis Khan)
【Business Hours】11:30-14:30(LO) / 17:00-21:30(LO)
【Closed】Open daily
【Parking lot】Available
【Privileges】1 free drink
【Home page】


◆ Lamjin (Genghis Khan)
【Business Hours】18:00-23:00
【Parking lot】Not available
【Privileges】1 free item
【Home page】


◆ Asari Honten (Sukiyaki)
【Business Hours】11:00-13:00(LO) / 16:00-20:30(LO)
【Parking lot】Available
【Privileges】1 free drink
【Home page】



【Izakaya, Japanese food, seafood】

【Sushi, ramen, soup curry】

【Western food and international cuisine】

【Beer hall, bar, cafe, Western sweets】

【Other than restaurants】

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