The name of HAKODATE DANSHAKU CLUB HOTEL & RESORTS is derived from "Baron Ryokichi Kawada" who, has left great achievement for Hakodate in the Meiji Era (1868-1912).
Baron Kawada studied shipbuilding in Scotland. Returning home, he brought British culture, modern shipbuilding technology and, modern agricultural technology into Hakodate.
He succieeded in improving of an English potato suitable for Japanese climate. Later the improved potato, saved people from food shortage.
The potato was named(Danshaku means Baron). Nowadays, the Danshaku-imo is well-known to Japanese people and became one of the typical foods in Hokkaido.
Baron Kawada was enterprising and progressive.
Now, we succeed to his spirit, and keep for you a new travel style.
Please enjoy homelike atmosphere in our hotel and have a good time forgetting bustle of everyday life.
22-10, Otemachi, hakodate-city, hokkaido,040-0064, Japan
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E-mail english@danshaku-club.com